iPadアプリ Propellerhead『Thor Polysonic Synthesizer』

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Thor Polysonic SynthesizerApp

価格: ¥1,800



ReBirth for iPadApp

価格: ¥1,800




価格: ¥100→無料




Thor Polysonic Synthesizer – Available for iPad





DAW 「Reason」の『Thor』ポリソニック・シンセサイザーが

iPadアプリ「Thor Polysonic Synthesizer App 」で登場!








6チャンネル、16ステップ・シーケンサー (Note, Velocity, Gate length, Step duration, Curve 1, Curve 2を細かくステップ・シーケンス)


iPadアプリならではの演奏スタイル、キーやスケールを選び「iPhoneアプリ Figure App」のようにプレイ 


  • 1000以上のパッチ
  • 3 オシレーター・スロット、6オシレーター・タイプ( Analog, Wavetable, FM Pair, PhaseMod, Multi Osc, Noise )
  • 3フィルター・スロット、4フィルター・タイプ( Low Pass Ladder, State Variable, Comb , Formant )
  • 3エンベロープ
  • デュアル LFO
  • エフェクト(ディレイ、コーラス)
  • Audiobus App、MIDI in、 Background Audio対応。(応用テクニック: iPad内部での録音はAudiobusを利用、または対応オーディオI/Fで直接パソコンへ録音)
  • パソコン DAW  「Reason」に作ったシンセ・パッチを移すことが可能なので DAW Reason ユーザーにおすすめアプリです。


比較的に重いので、 iPad2以降を推奨。


Thor Polysonic Synthesizer (Version 1.0.1) App
カテゴリ: ミュージック
価格: ¥1,800
デベロッパ名: Propellerhead Software AB
リリース日: 2013/06/20
現Ver.の平均評価: (3.5 / 4件の評価)
通算の平均評価: (3.5 / 15件の評価)

iPad スクリーンショット

iPad スクリーンショット 1
iPad スクリーンショット 2
iPad スクリーンショット 3
iPad スクリーンショット 4
iPad スクリーンショット 5


Thor for iPad puts the mighty Thor synthesizer at your fingertips. Reason’s legendary flagship synth delivers a thunderous sound, god-like sound sculpting capabilities and an innovative, lighting-fast keyboard designed for iPad. Thor is a synthesis playground, a flexible sonic workhorse, but above all, an expressive musical instrument for the iPad.

Thor highlights
• Play Reason’s Thor Polysonic Synthesizer on the iPad.
• Load any of the 1000+ expertly crafted synth patches, or create your own from scratch.
• Create your sounds using a palette of multiple oscillator and filter types.
• Play Thor using an expressive touch interface keyboard with aftertouch and strumming.
• Collapse the keyboard to a key and scale of your choice, just like in Figure.
• Move your favourite patches from the iPad to your computer and use them with Thor in Reason

Thor sounds like no synthesizer you’ve ever heard before – and every single one of them. Where other synths use one specific form of synthesis and one single filter, the Thor polysonic synthesizer features six different oscillator types and four unique filters. What does this give you? Simply the most powerful synth ever created; an unstoppable monster of a sound generator that utilizes synthesizer technology from the last 40 years.

On the iPad, Thor comes with a specially designed interface that’s optimized for touch control and the iPad screen. Cleverly designed panels expand and fold at the touch of a button to hide or reveal oscillators, filters, envelopes and more.

The app is divided into three main screens: Keyboard, Knobs and Routing.

Keyboard mode features:
• Piano keyboard with transpose and range control
• Modulation and pitch bend controls
• Assist function lets you select key and scale to highlight chord notes or to collapse the keyboard to only show the chord notes of the selected scale.
• Strum function lets you play arpeggios by holding a chord while strumming across the strum control.
• Two assignable knobs and buttons acts like performance controls
• Settings for polyphony and portamento

Knobs mode features:
• Access to all of Thor’s synthesis features
• Three oscillator slots for Thor’s six oscillator types: Analog, Wavetable, FM Pair, PhaseMod, Multi Osc and Noise
• Three filter slots for for Thor’s four filter types: Low Pass Ladder, State Variable, Comb and Formant
• Three envelopes
• Dual LFOs
• Delay and Chorus
• The Knobs screen is divided into panels that expand and collapse at the touch of a button
• Miniature keyboard to audition your sounds as you are working on them

Routing features
• Comprehensive but easy to use routing matrix lets you create complex modulation and signal flow setups
• Step sequencer with 16-steps and six channels: Note, Velocity, Gate length, Step duration, Curve 1, Curve 2

General App features:
• Patch compatible with Thor in Reason on your computer
• Move patches to and from your iPad using iTunes or Dropbox
• Sound bank with more than 1000 Thor patches from leading artists & sound designers (Kill the Noise, Richard Devine, Chris Petti and many more)
• Gorgeous retina display interface
• MIDI in – play Thor from an external MIDI source or from another app on the same iPad
• Audiobus compatible – stream audio from Thor to another audio app on the same iPad
• Audio in background option lets Thor keep playing in the background when working with other apps.

Note: We recommend using Thor for iPad with iPad 2 or later.


Thor Polysonic SynthesizerApp





その他の「Propellerhead Software AB」アプリ


価格: ¥100→無料


ReBirth for iPadApp

価格: ¥1,800





 propellerhead PROPELLERHEAD プロペラヘッド 音楽制作ソフト Reason 7

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iPad Pro


広大な12.9インチのRetinaディスプレイ / iPad Air 2のほぼ2倍近いCPUパフォーマンス / 洗練されたMulti-Touchテクノロジー


iPad Air 2


Retinaディスプレイ / IPSテクノロジー搭載9.7 インチ(対角)

64ビットアーキテクチャ搭載 / A8XチップとM8モーションコプロセッサ


iPad mini 3


Retinaディスプレイ / IPSテクノロジー搭載7.9インチ(対角)

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