iPad用シンセアプリ『iMini (MiniMoog)』 ただいまiMini 半額セール中!

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アナログ・シンセを再現したアートリア (Arturia) iPadアプリ


ただいまiMiniApp価格: ¥1,200→600円




iSparkArturia iSparkApp

価格: ¥2,400



Arturia iSEMApp

価格: ¥1,200 



価格: ¥1,200→600円


iProphet SynthesizerApp
価格: ¥1,200円







Audiobus,Virtual Midi 対応!

iMini App

バージョン 1.1 の新機能

Audiobus! Connect iMini to GarageBand and other DAWS.
Background audio: iMini responds to midi even in the background
Virtual midi: iMini responds to other apps that send midi
Ignore midi devices: select midi devices to not respond too

other bug fixes and improvements too!








オールドシンセをモデリングしてソフトウェア・バージョン出す会社で有名な『Arturia』 より iPad用シンセサイザー登場!


ポリフォニックモード、3 オシレーター、24dbオクターブ・フィルター、2XYパッド、コーラス・ディレイのエフェクト



WIST 同期で対応で

別のiPad/iPhone (KORG iKaossilator App / KORG iELECTRIBE App など多数)アプリと同期

総合アプリのTabletop App (無料)からiMiniを起動して、iMPC App などのアプリと演奏とリリース始めから多機能です。

MiniMoogとMPC実機だと何十万もするけど、iPad2つ合わせて 数千円とすごい時代です。





iMini (Version 1.3) App
カテゴリ: ミュージック
価格: ¥1,200
デベロッパ名: Arturia
リリース日: 2013/02/26
現Ver.の平均評価: (4.5 / 3件の評価)
通算の平均評価: (4 / 34件の評価)

iMini is compatible with iPAD 2, iPAD 3 and IPAD Mini

iMini is a recreation of the classic 1971 Minimoog™ synthesizer, one of most iconic synthesizers of all time.

Based on the TAE® technology found in our award winning Mini V software, iMini offers a level of sound quality never before found on the iPAD as well as over 500 sounds by leading sound designers.

We have also partnered with the Bob Moog Foundation so that a portion of each sale goes to support their work in music education via the Dr. Bob Sound school program, making available the archives of Dr. Bob Moog and funding the dream to build the Moogseum.

The Minimoog™ synthesizer was made famous by artists and bands such as Stevie Wonder, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Keith Emerson, Devo, Jean Michel Jarre and more. We now bring the features and sound of this classic to the iOS platform.

The iMini not only recreates the look and feel of the most legendary synthesizer, it does it with unparalleled sound quality. iMini is based on the award winning Arturia Mini V software that was created in partnership with Dr. Robert Moog himself, back in 2003. Thanks to this heritage, continuous research and refinements over the years, iMini comes with amazing sound quality and a large collection of preset sounds created by top sound designers such as Klaus Schulze (Tangerine Dream) and Geoff Downes (Asia).

What will you do with it?
First you can play the iMini’s numerous sounds from the iPad keyboard. You can create your own sounds and start building your personal sound palette.
If you are an owner of the Arturia Mini V software on your Mac or PC, you can import and export sounds between your laptop or desktop Mini V and iMini.

You can also control iMini from a MIDI keyboard via CoreMIDI and integrate it into your studio or live performances.

But this is not all; iMini is ‘Tabletop Ready’. Tabletop is a free iPad application that allows you to integrate iMini into a full studio of devices. With Tabletop you can build an entire song, with drum machines, FX’s, sequencers… and of course the inimitable Minimoog™ sound.

Tabletop Ready™
The connect page is also your avenue to open up a whole new world of possibilities with iMini via Retronyms Tabletop application.
Tabletop™ is a free app for your iPAD that allows you to integrate iMini into a complete studio environment. In Tabletop you can use multiple instances of iMini; record your performance into a real-time sequencer; automate any of the parameters; add effects; process other modules through the iMini filters, etc. Tabletop also features number of in app purchase options to add more effects and instruments from other 3rd party companies.

Features include
Classic Minimoog™ sound.
3 Oscillators
24db per octave filter.
Simulated headphone jack/external input feedback.
2 Assignable XY pads
Chromatic or tuned scale keyboard modes
Polyphonic mode
Full featured arpeggiator
HOLD and MEMORY latch modes
Octave span
5 note order modes
Speed and sync controls
Virtual Analog Chorus
Virtual Analog Delay
Owners of both the iMini and Mini V software apps can transfer sounds from one platform to the other via iTunes.
Full user MIDI mapping of panel controls.
Supports WIST sync with other iOS devices.
‘Tabletop Ready’
Soundcloud seeder (via Tabletop)
Render to .wav file (via Tabletop)
‘Audiocopy’ to paste your audio into another iPAD application. (via Tabletop)

The Minimoog™ name used here is a trademark of the respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Arturia. These trademarks are used solely to identify the products whose sound and features were modeled during the development process.

iMini App



iPad スクリーンショット

iPad スクリーンショット 1
iPad スクリーンショット 2
iPad スクリーンショット 3
iPad スクリーンショット 4
iPad スクリーンショット 5





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