Flying Lotus (フライング・ロータス) × 新製品 Moog Sub Phatty

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Moog Sub Phatty: New Machine For Living





間もなく開催 NAMM 2013 より Moog Sub Phattyシンセサイザー × Flying Lotus (フライング・ロータス)の新曲「Such a Square」






    • Sound Engine: Analog
    • Number of Keys: 25
    • Type of Keys: Semi Weighted
    • Other Controllers: Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel
    • Polyphony: Monophonic
    • Sound Sources: 2 Variable Waveshape Oscillators, 1 Square Wave Sub Oscillator, 1 Noise Generator
    • Mod Sources: Triangle, Square, Saw, Ramp, SH, Filter Envelope
    • Mod Destinations: Pitch, Osc 2 Pitch Only, Filter, Waveshape
    • Filter: Moog Ladder Filter 20Hz-20Khz
    • Audio Input: 1xTS
    • Audio Output: 1xTS, 1xTRS Headphone
    • Presets: 4 Banks, 4 Patches Per Bank
    • MIDI I/O: DIN In, Out, and MIDI over USB
    • CV/Gate Inputs: Filter CV, Pitch CV, Volume CV, KB Gate
    • Transposition: +/- 2 Octaves
    • LFO: 0.1Hz-100Hz

Height 6.75″
Width 20.25″
Depth 14.75″
Weight Weight Weight 16 lbs.
Power 110-220







moog Moog モーグ / Sub Phatty 25鍵モノフォニック アナログシンセサイザー

B00FRDP640 PC_Shop amazonrakutenSoundHouse
アーティスト / 著者 moog
会社 / 出版社








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