Kendrick Lamar(ケンドリック・ラマー) ミックスエンジニア 『Derek Ali』 インタビュー 50分

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Mix Engineer ‘Mixed By Ali’ (Kendrick Lamar) – Pensado’s Place #97



 Mixed By Ali (Derek Ali), Mix Engineer for Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, joins Dave and Herb on the 97th episode of Pensado’s Place! The trio discuss Derek’s work on Kendrick’s breakout album, as well as working with Doctor Dre, and his own mixing process. In this week’s Into The Lair, Dave shows off some vocal mixing techniques he used on a recent Earth Wind & Fire track.






Kendrick Lamar Good Kid M.a.a.D City

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アーティスト / 著者 Kendrick Lamar
会社 / 出版社 Aftermath
発売日 2012/10/22




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