iPad用 グルーヴ・マシン・アプリ Image Line「Groove Machine Mobile」登場!

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Groove Machine Mobile | Demo – Android, iOS & WIndows


Groove Machine Mobile | Getting Started Tutorial



Windows用DAW Fl Studio で有名なImage Line より

即興的なライブ・パフォーマンスに特化したiPad用グルーヴ・マシン・アプリ「Groove Machine Mobile」登場!



10つの drum/sampler チャンネル、

5つの シンセサイザー or サンプル・インストゥルメント チャンネル


ドラムパッド や キーボードで打ち込み


Groove Machine Mobile


Groove Machine Mobile




























Groove Machine Mobile

















Groove Machine Mobile 
















Groove Machine Mobile 














「レンダー to オーディオ」でオーディオ書き出し可能


NOTE: At this time is not possible to load custom samples. This is planned for a future (free) update.

AudioBus、InterApp Audioは、まだ未対応 (Version 1)






Groove Machine Mobile (Version 1.3.6) App
カテゴリ: ミュージック
価格: ¥1,200
デベロッパ名: Image Line Software
リリース日: 2015/02/23
現Ver.の平均評価: (無し / 0件の評価)
通算の平均評価: (無し / 0件の評価)


iPad スクリーンショット

iPad スクリーンショット 1
iPad スクリーンショット 2
iPad スクリーンショット 3
iPad スクリーンショット 4
iPad スクリーンショット 5


Create professional sounding music in just minutes. Or perhaps you just want to lay down a percussion track and play keyboards over the top, you can do that too.

Online manual: http://www.image-line.com/support/GMMobileHelp/

About Groove Machine Mobile

Synthesizer: Load from the extensive library of bass, keys, lead, pad, sfx and synth sounds. The flexible dual-oscillator, wave-shape driven, design with filters, 3 envelopes and LFO architecture will ensure you can create fresh and unique sounds for years to come. Listen to the presets and you will know how powerful the Groove Machine Mobiles synths are.

Sample Player: Choose from over 20 multi-sampled instruments covering Piano, strings, organ, bass, guitar, flute, harp and more.

Drums & percussion: Punch out a beat on the 10 drum pads. The velocity-through-position feature will allow you to play with feeling to get the right groove. Layer two samples per-pad for complex sample mash-ups. A comprehensive library of percussion samples is included covering kicks, snares, toms, hats, cymbals, sfx and more.

Keyboards: Take control over the synthesizers with Groove Machine Mobiles two-tier touch keyboard, perfect for playing chords and melodies. The visual feedback will even help you to learn to play music just by watching the existing projects play.

Effects: A wide array of modern and classic effects are available including a Bit Crusher (for lo-fi gritty sounds), Flanger & Phaser (to create complex stereo washes and spacey effects), Filters (low, high pass & vowel-voice simulation), Delay (echoes), Reverb (to simulate the sound of large halls through to tight spaces), Panning (so you can spread your sounds across your speakers) and Ring modulation (creating screaming-feedback type sounds).

Sequencing: After recording a performance Groove Machine Mobile’s touch-optimized easy editing features make it a breeze. You can edit in all the musical parts from scratch here too. The Piano-roll allows note entry and step-entry for percussion tracks. Finally, record and edit the movement of almost any knob or control with the Automation editor.





FL Studio Mobile HD (Version 2.4.2) App
カテゴリ: ミュージック
価格: ¥2,400
デベロッパ名: Image Line Software
リリース日: 2011/06/21
現Ver.の平均評価: (3 / 3件の評価)
通算の平均評価: (4 / 73件の評価)


FL Studio Mobile (Version 2.4.2) App
カテゴリ: ミュージック
価格: ¥1,800
デベロッパ名: Image Line Software
リリース日: 2011/06/21
現Ver.の平均評価: (無し / 0件の評価)
通算の平均評価: (3.5 / 26件の評価)




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