iPadアプリ モジュラー・シンセサイザー『zMors Modular』登場!

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モジュラー・シンセサイザーのiPadアプリ『zMors Modular




zMors Modular (Version 1.0) App
カテゴリ: ミュージック
価格: ¥1,200
デベロッパ名: mobile only
リリース日: 2014/11/06
現Ver.の平均評価: (無し / 0件の評価)
通算の平均評価: (無し / 0件の評価)


iPad スクリーンショット

iPad スクリーンショット 1
iPad スクリーンショット 2
iPad スクリーンショット 3
iPad スクリーンショット 4
iPad スクリーンショット 5


zMors modular is a modular synthesizer. You can add
various modules to your patch and connect them with
cables. You can use hardware gear with up to 8 usb outputs
for audio and/or control voltage send.

– 64 bit support
– send up to 8 audio/cv to your modular synth via USB Audio
– 32bit float audio engine with up to 16x oversampling
– InterAppAudio up to 96K
– Midi input
– very low Storage usage
– skinning with custom background images

OSC, MultimodeFilter, WaveTable, ADSR, Slew, VCA, DSP, Combiner, Oscilloscope, Chords,
CV Sequencer, Step Sequencer, Midi Keyboard, XYPad, Delay, Reverb,
Macro for complex setups

– abs(x)
– square
– square keep sign
– 1-x (invert unipolar)
– x*-1 (invert phase)
– unipolar to bipolar and back
– hard clip bi- and unipolar
– quantizes halftones and octave
– pow(2,x)
– tanh
– up- and downsampling
– convert to 55Hz/V
– DC correction
– fract(x)
– sin(2*x*pi)
– Shaper
– Slide low pass



  • Add last change value option in combiner module
  • Add a matrix mixer module
  • Add a CV input to DSP module
  • Add programs: ramp,log2,log10 to DSP module
  • ES5 Mux module support
  • find a better way to convert a patch into a subpatch by using the macro module
  • Remove known issues
  • when missing any module please leave a short message on support page

faq and known issues

  • there is a known bug when connect more then one cables to one input, we will fix it shortly
  • there is a known bug when keep red radar open and select new module or change preset, we will fix it shortly
  • when using osc in sin-mode and cv control will go out of range -1/+1 sound will stoping, we will fix it shortly
  • in iaa sync mode is a timing issue, we will fix it shortly
  • modules will only be rendered, when insert in a chain connected to main output. e.g. oscilloscope
  • all preset will be stored in user document folder, accessible by itunes file support
  • the filenames are defined by {section}#{name}.json
  • app is tested with Scarlett 18i20 and Expert Sleepers ES3
  • When using Doepfer A-132 set the output value from ADSR to 0.4f



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